Overview of 21st Century Whitetail Management

The Introductory Course, An Overview of 21st Century Whitetail Management, is now available! This course should be taken as an introduction to the principles of managing whitetails in the 21st Century; and, presents the various tenets of managing our most important game species. The instructor is Dr. Deer himself, Dr. James C. Kroll. 

Biology and Management of Wild Hogs

New course added on wild hogs! If you manage deer, you ultimately will be managing wild hogs, the most destructive pest and threat to whitetails in the southern U.S.

Dr. Deer has teamed up with Dr. Billy Higginbotham to author two courses-- The Biology and Management of Wild Hogs and Warm Water Fisheries Management. These are two fantastic courses you will need to managd wildlife and fisheries on your land! The Wild Hog course covers everything you need to know about these pests, and in some places, important game animals; plus how to manage them. This is a unique course seldom offered by colleges and universities, but available right here on the Game & Fish University Online. 

New Patterning Course

The Art & Science of Patterning Whitetails Now Available!

This is the course you all have been asking about. Presented by Dr. James C. Kroll (aka, Dr. Deer) and Ben Koerth, the course will significantly improve your hunting skills. Learn from the men who invented the term, Patterning.